Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My new lovely

I would like to introduce to you my newest find!  I was very much excited when I seen it on the shelf at the local thrift store.

I paid $3 for her.  Yes I know Yikes!  Over here things do seem to cost an arm and a leg even at thrift.  From looking at her my guess is she was used once and washed or just washed.  The plastic top is not scratched the design is perfect and the button on the spout is terribly strong and the sticker on the bottom was still easy yet sticky to remove.  So that all leads me to believe it didn't see much use. 

I know she isn't really old vintage but probably vintage of only a year.  I can say that right?  :)  I thought so :)  It probably cost less to buy her new at Walmart, but alas I have what I have.

I washed her up thoroughly and proceeded to brew my first sun tea of the spring/summer with her.

I do hope life is treating you well!




  1. Very cute! I need one of those for my fridge!

  2. I believe these were last years models. I bought three different colors at Wal Mart for $3.99 each. I bought them for a Tiki party. They're great for filling up with Mai Tai's, Zombies, and Rum Punch, for your guests. Plus... they fit in perfectly with the whole Polynesian theme!


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