Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vintage Heaven

I was in vintage heaven the other day!  I was sooooo excited that my heart kept dropping everywhere I turned.  I was visiting the local antique shop.  When I go in it never fails that I fall in love with something I just HAVE to have until I look at the price.  I can tell you that is good for a kick in the teeth!!!  Even at 1/2 price $500 is a tough price to swallow considering I wouldn't pay that much for it in the US.

I did end up leaving with these beauties though!

I will be returning to the store to bask in all the vintage fun but I am always selective of my purchases there due to expense.  It looks like Ebay is still my friend for these kinds of things.

Have you made any recent finds?


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  1. Wow, you found some amazing things, love those suits! I'm off to my favorite vintage place in the morning, hope to find some fun things there!


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