Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brandy needs our help!

I have an online friend named Brandy she blogs over at Not So Average MamaShe is tough, takes awesome pictures, is very creative and is a loving wife and mom of three beautiful girls.

Brandy is currently going through some serious health issues.  She has been in and out of the hospital & Dr's offices trying to find out what is wrong with her.  No one has had a clue what it could be!  She has been having problems with things like slurred speech, head jerking and unexplained pains.  She has visited one specialist to the next to the next as well as being in an out of the ER.  The problem with this is it has become very expensive for her.  Brandy does not have health insurance.  Every appointment she has been to and sent home with no answers has all been paid for out of her own pocket!!

About two weeks ago she noticed her stomach had swelled to the size of someone in their 8th month of pregnancy.  It wasn't gradual it happened very quickly.  It is hard to the touch, she can't lay down she has to sit on the couch to sleep, she has difficulty breathing and is alot of pain.  She recently went in to the ER things had gotten so bad.  They sent her in for a Cat Scan.   The results.....


They told Brandy that she has a mass the size of a volley ball on her left ovary and that it might be cancerous.  They won't know until they can do a biopsy if it is cancer or not.  They gave her a referral & an informational sheet about cancer and sent her home!  Why did they not treat her?  Take her in for immediate surgery?

Brandy does not have health insurance.  

She needs our help.  Her husband is self employed & she is a stay at home mom doing what she can all while fighting for her life.  Brandy needs immediate surgery.  Everyday that goes by puts her life in jeopardy.  No one will see her because she does not have health insurance.  If she did they would never have let her leave the ER last Friday!

Currently she has medical bills totaling almost $12,000 and is facing more.  She has called all over looking for help from different agencies

This is a picture she posted showing just how big her stomach has gotten.
This is not Brandy's normal!!!  This is serious!!

If you click on the Brandy's Battle button at the top of this blog post or in my sidebar it will take you directly to Paypal where you can make a secure donation.  $1, $5, $10 or $100 +  it doesn't matter.  Every little bit helps.

Can you imagine how she feels?  She is 35 years old, she is a wife and a mother of 3 girls and she gets this kind of news.  Then instead of helping her they send her home?  The medical community that is there to help us sent...her...home!!

Please spread the word about Brandy.  Post the link to this post on your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc... Help us get the word out so we can help Brandy!

Thank You!!!


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