Thursday, May 20, 2010

Surgery for a friend

My friend Brandy is finally going in for surgery tomorrow!!  Her parents came down and took her to another hospital to be seen.  I don't know much more than this right now.

What I am being told is that the mass in her abdomen meaures 20cmX20cmX24cm.

Please send lots of thoughts her way.

She is still going to need lots of help so if you would like to donate please click on the Brandy's Battle button in the right hand column.

I wonder how much trouble the other hospital and dr's could be in since they wouldn't treat her or let her go??   hmmm oops did I just say that?  shame on me

Nevermind the focus is Brandy getting through surgery and recovering.


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  1. Hope that she get the surgery that she needs and that everything goes well with it and lots of prayers through it all.

    Tammy "Tracy's Friend"


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