Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bento Tuesday - June 8, 2010

My husband and I went on a little site-seeing adventure today.  We didn't plan to be out and about all day so we didn't take lunch with us.  Lucky for us it was Bento Tuesday so that gave us a good excuse to pick up a variety of things from the market.

Just a quick little warning.  We are going to look like pigs after you see the pictures.  Ha Ha we did not eat all of it and it was food for 3 people.  We didn't buy individual bento, we just shared everything.

These plastic containers are typical containers that you will find as "to go boxes" from restaurants as well as pre-made bento from the stores.

Fried chicken nuggets  my kids just love these!

My rice triangle with smoked salmon inside.  I love these things, they are so simple but very delicious!  I don't like mine cold but rather warm or at the very least room temp.
I think this was squid tempura.

Chicken Yakitori (kind of like kebobs) and our sushi rolls

 Gyoza  (Fried dumplings with a meat veggie filling)  My husband loves these.

Fish pancake                                         Sweet bean filling inside!  YUM!

Our fruit bowl. 

Oranges, Cherries, Pineapple

Everything was very delicious.  We did take some of it home to be enjoyed later.  Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures.  I used my Iphone to take the photos as I didn't want anymore stares than we were already getting.  LOL  It was bad enough we had that much food sitting out and were in a heavily congested tourist spot to boot.

I found a couple more little things that I picked up for our bento making stash.

top left item is a little bunny, heart, star, bear shaped piece that you add rice to and can then pop it out into those shapes.  The next two are little containers that you can add your sauce, salad dressing, mayo etc to.  cute little colorful containers don't you think?  And then last two items on the bottom are a fork and spoon set that have their own little covers

Do you bento?

Let me know if you do I would love to see what you are eating!  :)


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