Sunday, June 13, 2010

Organizing Toys

We are in the process of de-cluttering in our house.  We try to do this about every 2-3 months.  Well I have every intentions of doing it every 2-3 months but sometimes it goes longer than that.

Today I concentrated on the the littlest member of our house and his toy clutter.

This was the before picture (and kind of an after.  I had already purged about 1/2 of his toys a week ago)

And this is our after
I still have a rubbermaid tote sitting to the right of the cabinet that I still have to deal with.  It has legos and little animals in there.  Small things that really need to be put in something.  I'm going to buy some fabric boxes to put in the cabinet to hold these items.  Now he can get to things easier instead of playing with the same toys over and over.

I left the picnic table standing up behind the cabinet.  We can easily pull it out when needed.

Now I just need to get the toys out of his bedroom.  he he he  :)

It feels so much better when things have a place and there are not bits and bobs sitting out all the time.


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