Friday, December 31, 2010

Things I would like

to do....

I'm sitting here at 11:42pm on December 31, 2010 contemplating what 2011 might have in store for me.  I probably should have started thinking about this earlier so I could prepare but somehow i've fallen behind on many things during this holiday season.  It only occured to me that I never made what others call resolutions.  I am not going to call them that.  I am calling them "things I would like to do."

I think resolutions are things that you "Must" do.  These types of things you can fail at doing because you feel you have to for one reason or another.  If you make a list of things that you would "like" to do, you are saying you would "like" to do it rather than something you must do.  

My husband told me tonight that you can not fail at something if you are doing more than you are doing now.  For me this would be exercising.  If I exercised one day a week I am succeeding at what I would like to do, because it is one more day a week than I am currently doing.

I don't have my list of things all written out and I probably won't have a full list just now.  As the year goes on i'm sure i'll have completed some and will come up with more.

I do know that "I would like to" start blogging again here on One Retro Mama.  I have a few exciting things in the works and adventures I would like to share.

May your 2011 be better than your 2010!

Happy New Year from the land of the rising sun!

Less than 5 minutes to go for me!!


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