About Me

I am just your everyday average stay at home mom.  I have three kids my oldest is in her teen years followed by and elementary aged daughter and a toddler currently going through terrible two's!  Most days I am overworked, understaffed and most definitely underpaid!

I am also one proud spouse to a man serving his country in the military.  Some days it is rough but lately it has been the best it has ever been.  I love it when he wears his dress blues and I like it even better when he is hanging out with us at home!  This journey has taken us around the world with our current stop in Japan, the longest place I have ever set down roots in my adult life.

Which brings me to.....

I LIVE IN JAPAN!!  I am finally embracing it and loving it.  Six long years have gone by and it was only recently when the threat of leaving was presented that I decided that I really really like it here.  So i'm gonna stay.  Well at least for two more years!  :)

I LOVE vintage things especially cookbooks, sewing patterns & clothes.    Being that I live overseas most of these things are hard to come by so I must exist on ebay finds and the random antique store.  Ok there are only two here who am I kidding!!

I also have a disability which at first glance you would never think I would.  My right vocal cord is paralyzed.  This makes speaking difficult.  I woke up Christmas morning 2009 and it was gone gone gone.  The dr's think most likely it was caused by an illness I had the beginning of December.   Because the left vocal cord still works my voice is a breathy whisper.  If I were to lose both.... well lets not think of such things shall we!!  :)

Needless to say I'll never be a telemarketer or an auctioneer!

Thank you for reading my little spot on the web.  Hopefully it is encouraging and you take something with you when you leave.  Please don't stay gone long!  Do come back and have tea!  :)

ps that is me in that picture... Just vintaged up a little bit!  :)

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